About us

Kubirds is a product developed and distributed by Link Society, a french software editor dedicated to building easy to use and easy to setup softwares.

The team


David Delassus

CEO & Co-Founder

Software and DevOps engineer

Jonathan Labéjof

CTO & Co-Founder

PhD in Software Engineering and Distributed Systems
Web developer
The story begins

September 2009

Jonathan begins his doctorate

September 2011

David begins his University courses

July 2012

Jonathan obtains his Doctorate

May 2013

David starts an Internship at Capensis to work on Canopsis, an Open-Source hypervisor dedicated to monitoring.

September 2013

Jonathan is recruited by Capensis to work on Canopsis and meets David for the first time.

November 2013

David quits University to work fulltime on Canopsis

November 2016

Jonathan and David quit Capensis to work together on side projects.

March 2017

David joins Scille to work with the Ministère de la Défense and the Ministère de l’intérieur

July 2017

Link Society is founded by Jonathan and David

November 2017

After 4 months of work, Link Society presents a proof of concept for SPRadio, a web-based Healthcare monitoring tool to help hospitals manage patient’s treatment

December 2017

In association with the 3-6-9-12 organization, Link Society starts working on a mobile application to promote the work of Serge Tisseron

March 2018

David terminates his contract with Scille

July 2018

David joins Decathlon to help their IT teams migrate to Kubernetes

November 2018

Jonathan joins LumenAI to help them build an online machine-learning platform

December 2019

David joins LumenAI to help them deploy their online machine learning platform to Kubernetes.

Link Society starts working on Datapio, an ecosystem of tools for DevOps, with an Open-Source CI/CD platform.


March 2020

Link Society starts working on Kubirds, a Cloud-Native supervision engine

July 2020

David terminates his contract with LumenAI

August 2020

Jonathan terminates his contract with LumenAI

September 2020

David terminates his contract with Decathlon

March 2021

Link Society announces the first release of Kubirds.

Julianne is hired for a 6 months internship.

The story continues...