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Learn how to stop monitoring during certain time periods

Use Case

You planned an upgrade every weekend when there is no activity on your web service.

There is a service interruption during the upgrade, to apply database migrations.

You don’t want to be notified by your monitoring that your service is down during the upgrade.

How To

Create the following Kubernetes resource:

apiVersion: kubirds.com/v1
kind: Inhibitor
  name: weekly-upgrade
  namespace: default
  startDate: "2020-09-19T00:00:00.000Z"
  duration: 1 hour
  schedule: every week
    app: my-service

The startDate property is mandatory to set a starting point for the schedule.

The duration property indicates how long units should be silenced.

The schedule property indicates when units should be silenced.

The unitSelector property selects (by label) which units should be silenced.

For the complete Inhibitor schema, see this page.